Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Toy Story

A few years ago (1995 )i took my beautiful boy to see the first Toy Story film, we watched in awe at the adventures of Woody, Buzz, Mr Potatoe Head,Slinky and friends.
We learnt that toys must always be looked after because when we sleep at night the toys come to life and get into all sorts of scrapes - the film also touched on issues like jealousy ( Woody became jealous of his owner Andys new toy Buzz Lightyear ) and the importance of family, friendship and loyalty. I had a new baby in this year and was worried -needlessly-that my boy would feel left out and undervalued - NEVER ! He loved this film and loved his Buzz Lightyear model toy very very much.
Today I took my delightful God Daughter Caydince, who is 5years old, to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. I had been sooo looking forward to seeing the film and it didnt fail there were a few new toys for me to meet ( and a few missing ?)but Pixcel did not disappoint - the end of the film made me cry the scene when Andy went off to college and took his precious toys to a lovely little girl to play with and treasure. but it was his mothers sadness at looking at his empty bedroom and knowing that her boy was on a new journey and chapter in his life, the look on her face told a completely new story - that will be me in September when I say goodbye to my boy as he embarks on his new life ............get the tissues ready !

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Ive been having problems with my hip !!! Not many people know that but those that do have been so kind and thoughtful when i have needed to catch my breath and pull myself together.

A year last April i took myself off to my GP complaining of a nasty little niggle in my groin, i thought maybe i had pulled a muscle or suchlike. This little niggle was annoying and every so often became a big niggle so i went and complained thinking i would get some excersise for it and be told to buy some anti inflammatory tabs. I was surprised when my Doc said she thought i ought to have an xray on my hip - my hip didnt hurt or did it ? The niggle was in my groin and i thought my hip was way higher up. I went for the xray a couple of weeks later and was told when i went to get the results that i did indeed have a degenorate left hip ! I was told that in time i would have to have a replacement hip. I was rather upset by this news thinking (wrongly as is happens) only old people needed this kind of operation - Doc said that actually no a lot of women between the age of 45 and 55 had the op.

So fast forward 14 months and the little niggle had well and truly passed the big niggle had well and truly passed and a coursing pain had well and truly taken over. I now find it extremely painful to walk a small distance - my younger daughter had a paper round and i kindly offered to do it for her whilst she went socialising i was only halfway round the round (?) when the pain took over and i wanted to crawl home on my hands and knees. My beautiful grandaughter is not getting the best of me as the best of me has left along with the cartilage around my hip joint. So another trip to the surgery was called for I said not only am i ready but that i felt desperate now for the op. So on August 11th i will be having surgery - as i said to my consultant.. above i feel 25yrs below 95yrs so please put the hop back into my hip so i can just get on with a pain free life.