Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Let the Battle Comence

I have started my New Year as I had hoped I would. Tracy and I have visited the Chesterfield cinema complex on the odd 2-4-1 Orange Wednesday and seen a few very good films. We started the ball rolling with 127 Hours .... the film was brilliantly cinema graphed (i think that's a word ) the music was amazing and the lead role was brilliant - it was a little gory in parts but as we knew this was a true story we knew he would have to cut off his arm with a blunt knife therefore it was no shock! Next on the list was the soon to be Oscar winner The Kings Speech and a deserved winner if ever there was one absolutely fantastic. The Black Swan was rather dark and although I got it not everyone in the auditorium was overwhelmed with it, again, the music was amazing and the costumes were lovely !

After we watch the films (whilst sharing a bag of popcorn - well one must have popcorn whilst at the flicks) we have been going out for a light supper we favour a restaurant in Dronfield called "Little Italy" they do an amazingly light pizza and their pasta dishes are delish !

I have also been taking my very dirty little white dog Poppy for lovely walks in the woods behind my house. During the week Tracy brings her adorable little white dog Milly with her and we chew the fat as we trek around. When we first started we would get quite out of breath ( 20 fags each per day ?) but now we manage much longer and hillier walks and feeling the benefits. At the weekends my hubby comes with Poppy and me and he takes our VERY NAUGHTY BIG DOG, Alfie. I really enjoy it.
So that's going out and doing things for myself AND getting some healthy exercise which is all good. The next thing for me was to lose some weight. Due to the lack of exercise before the new hip and the healing process welcoming the new piece of porcelain, I had managed to acquire a more portly shape !!! I joined a group of other rounded women three weeks ago and have managed to lose a few of the extra pounds - I was even given an award for "Slimmer of the Week" last week ! I attend class on a Thursday so keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow. Although I have somewhat more to lose I feel ready and... well .... Let the Battle Commence!