Saturday, 18 December 2010

This Month ....20/21 years ago

20 years ago this week I gave birth to my Beautiful Son ! He was the most wanted child on this earth - 14 months earlier his baby sister died :(

Rosie Gray was born on the 10th of July 1989 - she died on the 4th October just 12 weeks later.
Rosie was a delicious,divine, delectable baby, she was a little sister to my first born and sooo wanted.

During my pregnancy I felt well and very healthy - I had given up the ciggies ( I prayed to the "BIG FELLA" upstairs to help me with that task - AND IT WORKED - I DID NOT TOUCH ONE !! ) I gave up the DRINK and i eat vvvv healthily - looking back now I realise the medics must have known that problems were a foot. I was scanned 5 times in less than 3 months and at each scan my personal dates ( last lady time etc .!) were questioned. Suffice to say I knew my Baby was due on the day she was born - the medics didn't expect her until 6 weeks later !!! I gave birth to Rosie Gray by emergency Cesarean on the exact due date ........

The following morning i was told that my baby was v v v ill ... she may live for hours - days - years(they didn't know) .... she had been born with a genetic condition "microcephallic" her brain had not developed in my womb. I was told to love and cherish every moment that I would have with her... and so I did - I kissed her every other second - I held her all the time - I only put her down when I needed the bathroom or to close my eyes for a moment ! We all did everything. My beautiful first born was only 4 and half years old when baby Rosie was born she was so looking forward to a baby sister. We had 12 weeks with her = 6 weeks in hospital and 6 weeks at home, she was loved and cherished by all.

After the emptiness, I was desperate to fill the void.

My delicious boy was delivered healthily just over a year later. His birth was not without problems (antoher blog) but we fought the odds together

With all my heart I wish my Beautiful Boy a Wonderful Birthday and a Wonderful Life.

To my little Angel in Heaven my kisses and love are always with her ...