Saturday, 18 December 2010

This Month ....20/21 years ago

20 years ago this week I gave birth to my Beautiful Son ! He was the most wanted child on this earth - 14 months earlier his baby sister died :(

Rosie Gray was born on the 10th of July 1989 - she died on the 4th October just 12 weeks later.
Rosie was a delicious,divine, delectable baby, she was a little sister to my first born and sooo wanted.

During my pregnancy I felt well and very healthy - I had given up the ciggies ( I prayed to the "BIG FELLA" upstairs to help me with that task - AND IT WORKED - I DID NOT TOUCH ONE !! ) I gave up the DRINK and i eat vvvv healthily - looking back now I realise the medics must have known that problems were a foot. I was scanned 5 times in less than 3 months and at each scan my personal dates ( last lady time etc .!) were questioned. Suffice to say I knew my Baby was due on the day she was born - the medics didn't expect her until 6 weeks later !!! I gave birth to Rosie Gray by emergency Cesarean on the exact due date ........

The following morning i was told that my baby was v v v ill ... she may live for hours - days - years(they didn't know) .... she had been born with a genetic condition "microcephallic" her brain had not developed in my womb. I was told to love and cherish every moment that I would have with her... and so I did - I kissed her every other second - I held her all the time - I only put her down when I needed the bathroom or to close my eyes for a moment ! We all did everything. My beautiful first born was only 4 and half years old when baby Rosie was born she was so looking forward to a baby sister. We had 12 weeks with her = 6 weeks in hospital and 6 weeks at home, she was loved and cherished by all.

After the emptiness, I was desperate to fill the void.

My delicious boy was delivered healthily just over a year later. His birth was not without problems (antoher blog) but we fought the odds together

With all my heart I wish my Beautiful Boy a Wonderful Birthday and a Wonderful Life.

To my little Angel in Heaven my kisses and love are always with her ...

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  1. ...and you are the best mum in the whole world to all of your children. May Josh continue to grow big and strong and handsome and clever and may precious Rosie forever rest in peace. Love you X

    Tracy x