Saturday, 8 January 2011

2011 - Im going to love it !

Well here we are a whole new year ahead of us !

I had a lot of great times last year........ and a lot of rubbish !

My beautiful sister has been soooo ill - as a sister, living in a different country, and being unable to do anything about her predicament, has been (for a control freakish kinda person)v v difficult - all I can do is pray, think and send lots of love through the airways and hope with all my heart she gets my wishes.

A very dear friend, thankfully, was given the "All Clear" from the dreaded "C" but what a time we all had before ...!

Two of my dearest friends have been extremely unhappy - I hope I have given them both all the love and support a friend can give - to one, I know, will be fine once her new house is made into a home which she will fill with love,warmth and gorgeousness! My other friend is getting stronger by the day, she has been soooo hurt by a "complete weasel of an excuse of a man "(who never ever deserved to breathe the same air as her ) with time this little bombshell will be absolutely fine.

I got my very own new hip ! For which i am so very grateful for, it hurt before and it has not been plain sailing since - I think with hindsight i might have gone back "doing" before I should have done, but, I know with extra exercise I will be OK. Come this years cricket season I will be back on extra tea duties. My real push though is my delightful granddaughter - i want to take her to tumble tots and toddler group, to the park and to run and jump with her she is my main aim !

I had a wonderful time in the early summer months, with my wonderful blonde friends, on our "little jaunt away to the hidden France that I love so very much" - we hope to get away again this year.

This year the plan is to "Row My Own Boat"!! Thanks to my dear friend, she informs me that a lot of women tend to plan their lives around husbands,boyfs,partners etc. instead of thinking and doing for themselves, she is totally right, for years I've tended to the needs and wants of my family before thinking of myself, which, to me is as it should be.......BUT ...GET READY ... I AM GOING TO : the cinema, theatre, comedy club, concerts, music festivals, foreign trips abroad etc. etc. without their permission this year - and I'm going to love it !!!!!!

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  1. Love it. So looking forward to 2011 and all it brings - especially my lovely friendhsip with you. Here's raising a glass to adventures for us. LOve you so Much X