Sunday, 19 September 2010


It was my birthday last week and i got some fabulicious birthday cards. I would like to say Thank you to : My Big girl she sent me a delightful card from her and her boyf and from scrumptious baby girl; Delicious son - sent me an extremely sentimental card (not him at all) very gratefully received!; Little daughter "made" the best card ever - huge love heart with my age written all around the heart .... (thank you for reminding me); My mum and dad, a precious little card (made all the more so due to the lack of card shops where they live);A great card from Berlin (little sister and family);Mr Smiths granny ( she is 95 and remembers everyone...i love her ); and loads from my wonderful friends. This year I also received a : "TO A WONDERFUL DAUGHTER IN-LAW"card ! Never before have I received one ....... I must finally being doing something right !!!!!!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

2nd Time Lucky

Today I went to Newcastle upon Tyne. I went there because my delicious son is going to University there. Like most mothers up and down the country I was feeling very anxious very tearful and very nervous. Anxious, because you never know do you if all the lessons you have tried to teach them (not speaking to strangers - not walking about on your own - not getting so drunk you cant remember your way home etc. etc.)have sunk in ? Tearful - well of course, he is my boy and I love him way too much and i will miss him sooo much. Nervous, well my lad is quite shy, though he does have a fantastic sense of humour, very dry, but you have to know him to know this. I wish I could have got all his flatmates together and told them how divine he is and to be nice to him and cook for him and clean for him and watch over him, but of course i couldn't! They will just have to learn for themselves that he is wonderful and that once he makes you a friend you are very lucky because amongst his other qualities he is a loyal kind and very generous friend.

I went through all this last year, but sadly My Boy was very ill and had to give up his place at uni therefore this is 2nd time lucky. I hope and pray that he will be safe, make loads of new and wonderful friends, that he will grow in confidence but mostly that he will have loads of fun and be really happy!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Look How Much She Has Grown !

Isnt she growing quickly ? Isabelle Rose will soon celebrate her first birthday she is an absolute delight and I love her very much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Donna !

Yesterday, it was my dear friend Donna's birthday so i would like to wish her very, very, Many Happy Returns !
Donna is a smashing girl - she is extremely kind, she is generous,thoughtful, and warm ,she is strong and feminine at the same time - she is totally UN-assuming and without any kind of vanity, she is shy, she is a wonderful, supportive wife AND she is a BRILLIANT mother !
Donna was born in the UK but has grown up in South Africa - sadly her daddy died at a very young age and her mother continues to live in SA.
Therefore when she became pregnant with her first born i took her under my wing (not that Donsie needed any wing to hide under) I became a kind of surrogate mum to her, and we awaited the birth of our team baby - Caydince! Donna proved to be the most unselfish mother right from the start and whenever we were all at the cricket club she would let us all have cuddles and kisses with her precious little bundle!
Caydince is the most confident, delicious, delightful little girl and i love her sooooooooo much she comes to my house for the odd sleepover (she doesnt know that i actually love her coming more than she loves to come).
This year Donna, Hennie and Princess Caydince added to their delightful family ! Princess Caydince now has a little baby sister ..... Alyissa, she is so like her mummy, in looks, its untrue - I have to say if she has half the qualities her mother has she will be truly blessed.
So I would once again like to say Happy Birthday to the wonderful Donna!