Saturday, 18 December 2010

This Month ....20/21 years ago

20 years ago this week I gave birth to my Beautiful Son ! He was the most wanted child on this earth - 14 months earlier his baby sister died :(

Rosie Gray was born on the 10th of July 1989 - she died on the 4th October just 12 weeks later.
Rosie was a delicious,divine, delectable baby, she was a little sister to my first born and sooo wanted.

During my pregnancy I felt well and very healthy - I had given up the ciggies ( I prayed to the "BIG FELLA" upstairs to help me with that task - AND IT WORKED - I DID NOT TOUCH ONE !! ) I gave up the DRINK and i eat vvvv healthily - looking back now I realise the medics must have known that problems were a foot. I was scanned 5 times in less than 3 months and at each scan my personal dates ( last lady time etc .!) were questioned. Suffice to say I knew my Baby was due on the day she was born - the medics didn't expect her until 6 weeks later !!! I gave birth to Rosie Gray by emergency Cesarean on the exact due date ........

The following morning i was told that my baby was v v v ill ... she may live for hours - days - years(they didn't know) .... she had been born with a genetic condition "microcephallic" her brain had not developed in my womb. I was told to love and cherish every moment that I would have with her... and so I did - I kissed her every other second - I held her all the time - I only put her down when I needed the bathroom or to close my eyes for a moment ! We all did everything. My beautiful first born was only 4 and half years old when baby Rosie was born she was so looking forward to a baby sister. We had 12 weeks with her = 6 weeks in hospital and 6 weeks at home, she was loved and cherished by all.

After the emptiness, I was desperate to fill the void.

My delicious boy was delivered healthily just over a year later. His birth was not without problems (antoher blog) but we fought the odds together

With all my heart I wish my Beautiful Boy a Wonderful Birthday and a Wonderful Life.

To my little Angel in Heaven my kisses and love are always with her ...

Monday, 8 November 2010

On the mend . . and back Doing

It's been almost three months since I had my new hip and thanks to my lovely family and friends I am on the mend and I have started back to work ! The scar is healing nicely and although I still have stiffness ( which, I'm assured will lessen with time ) I am pleased with the result. I'm not going to lie to you it was a particularly horrid op and I won't forget the first 3 nights when I was in hospital and the tears of pain I shed - bucketloads !
And so to work, my beautiful friend Melanie (one of my blond friends from the tour back in the summer) and I set up a little "Doing" business last year we "do" for people! We started out working with the elderly, doing their washing, cleaning, shopping,taking them to
Their appointments at the doctors/hospital/hairdressers etc. But word got around to their families and friends and now we "do" for all sorts of folks - young professionals too busy to do for themselves, young families with very untidy children who really appreciate a bit of fairy dust sprinkled around their homes, retired couples who prefer to be on the golf course than to be stuck indoors doing for themselves. It can be (on our busy days) rather tiring on the old bones, but a hot bath at the end of the day sorts that out ! We both enjoy our "doing" we Can have a natter whilst driving to and fro, we get an immense amount of satisfaction knowing all our " Do Fors "are coming home to lovely clean sweet smelling homes - for the ladies and gentlemen who are in their cosy homes whilst we are there we are safe in the knowledge that for a short time they have had company and a chat which makes the job even more pleasant.
So hopefully the new hip will continue to repair so all our lovely families,singles, marrieds and others can benefit from our "Doing" ! ;)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Old friends

Today I was playing with my new phone, I seem to spend a lot of time playing with it at the moment! Whilst going through my hotmail account and deleting all the messages to clear up my inbox, I came across mail from one of my oldest and dearest friends Alison. I immediately emailed her and within a couple of hours she responded! It was wonderful !
I met this wonderful lady when I went to secondary school. Hearing from her again it is as if time had stood still - I think that with old friends that happens you don't have to be in each others pockets you don't have to speak to them everyday or see them, but,its like putting on a pair of really comfy slippers, and relaxing in the knowledge that she knows me so well and I her - I am looking forward to maintaining our friendship through e mail and phone, but, will arrange a meeting in the not too distant future. I really want to give her a hug!

Sunday, 19 September 2010


It was my birthday last week and i got some fabulicious birthday cards. I would like to say Thank you to : My Big girl she sent me a delightful card from her and her boyf and from scrumptious baby girl; Delicious son - sent me an extremely sentimental card (not him at all) very gratefully received!; Little daughter "made" the best card ever - huge love heart with my age written all around the heart .... (thank you for reminding me); My mum and dad, a precious little card (made all the more so due to the lack of card shops where they live);A great card from Berlin (little sister and family);Mr Smiths granny ( she is 95 and remembers everyone...i love her ); and loads from my wonderful friends. This year I also received a : "TO A WONDERFUL DAUGHTER IN-LAW"card ! Never before have I received one ....... I must finally being doing something right !!!!!!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

2nd Time Lucky

Today I went to Newcastle upon Tyne. I went there because my delicious son is going to University there. Like most mothers up and down the country I was feeling very anxious very tearful and very nervous. Anxious, because you never know do you if all the lessons you have tried to teach them (not speaking to strangers - not walking about on your own - not getting so drunk you cant remember your way home etc. etc.)have sunk in ? Tearful - well of course, he is my boy and I love him way too much and i will miss him sooo much. Nervous, well my lad is quite shy, though he does have a fantastic sense of humour, very dry, but you have to know him to know this. I wish I could have got all his flatmates together and told them how divine he is and to be nice to him and cook for him and clean for him and watch over him, but of course i couldn't! They will just have to learn for themselves that he is wonderful and that once he makes you a friend you are very lucky because amongst his other qualities he is a loyal kind and very generous friend.

I went through all this last year, but sadly My Boy was very ill and had to give up his place at uni therefore this is 2nd time lucky. I hope and pray that he will be safe, make loads of new and wonderful friends, that he will grow in confidence but mostly that he will have loads of fun and be really happy!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Look How Much She Has Grown !

Isnt she growing quickly ? Isabelle Rose will soon celebrate her first birthday she is an absolute delight and I love her very much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Donna !

Yesterday, it was my dear friend Donna's birthday so i would like to wish her very, very, Many Happy Returns !
Donna is a smashing girl - she is extremely kind, she is generous,thoughtful, and warm ,she is strong and feminine at the same time - she is totally UN-assuming and without any kind of vanity, she is shy, she is a wonderful, supportive wife AND she is a BRILLIANT mother !
Donna was born in the UK but has grown up in South Africa - sadly her daddy died at a very young age and her mother continues to live in SA.
Therefore when she became pregnant with her first born i took her under my wing (not that Donsie needed any wing to hide under) I became a kind of surrogate mum to her, and we awaited the birth of our team baby - Caydince! Donna proved to be the most unselfish mother right from the start and whenever we were all at the cricket club she would let us all have cuddles and kisses with her precious little bundle!
Caydince is the most confident, delicious, delightful little girl and i love her sooooooooo much she comes to my house for the odd sleepover (she doesnt know that i actually love her coming more than she loves to come).
This year Donna, Hennie and Princess Caydince added to their delightful family ! Princess Caydince now has a little baby sister ..... Alyissa, she is so like her mummy, in looks, its untrue - I have to say if she has half the qualities her mother has she will be truly blessed.
So I would once again like to say Happy Birthday to the wonderful Donna!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Wedding Anniversay

Before we married, Mr Smith used to ask me daily to marry him. I used to shrug him off with a "we are happy as we are " but still he persisted .... I finally agreed some 3 years later, when he asked me, under a tree looking out at the most tremendous view at my parents pretty little house in France. My only stipulation was that we would get married there in St Julien de Peyrolas.

So 12 Years ago, last week ,I got married to Mr Smith! We had a fabulous day. We were sooo lucky to celebrate our day with lots of very close friends and family in THIS beautiful little village in France. It is the village my parents live very close by to. It is also near to where said parents had their little camping holiday business, to which we had holidayed for many years.

It was quite an ordeal to get all the paperwork done, I had to visit the French Embassy in London and arrange for one of their designated translators to translate our birth certificates,divorce papers (we had both been married before)and all our medical papers - but we got them all done with only very few days to spare.

We decided to get married here because we thought we could have our usual holiday with a celebration of our wedding and honeymoon all rolled into one !

Before we could get married though we had to have a medical with the local Doctor - in France when a couple embark on a wedding ceremony and life together they must have a medical and bloods taken to test for any problems they may have when procreating - they also have a test for SIDA (AIDS). We went along to the surgery (with our little daughter, she was 2yrs old at the time) I think he took into account that she was ok and that we were planning to come back to the UK to live therefore he signed our papers - the wedding could go ahead!

We had a joint hen and stag night, visiting friends in their tents and caravans and all together had an unforgettable evening !

I thoroughly enjoyed my wedding day, although the whole ceremony was conducted in French and my ability to speak and understand the language is very limited, my new husband can speak and undersand the language very well, having lived and worked in the country for a couple of years, so every now and then when he asks for a special favour or feels that i should do a certain task, he tells me I agreed to do whatever he wants when we married ! I feel a need for my own personal translator at times like these !

We had celebration drinks and nibbles in my parents garden and photos taken on the spot where I had agreed to the marriage. Later in the evening we went to a lovely restaurant with our family and toasted our officialdom with lots of champagne.

Happy Anniversary to Us !

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Lazy Days

Its been 18 Days now, since i got my new hip ! Each day i feel stronger and a little more like my old self - i do find it very frustrating not being able to do what i normally do ( usually at a million miles an hour) but i am getting there - the drugs are helping - so too is the occasional slurp of wine, the champagne we had the other night to welcome my new piece of porcelain was particularly lovely !
Anyhow, whilst lying around on my very comfy superkingsize having a few Lazy Days, I have been having a little film fest - my darling friend Tracy - bought 2 kitchen sink dramas for us to watch - I had told her I had heard the first part of a play on Radio 4 Woman's Hour - A Kind Of Loving - and was desperate to see the film again, having watched it years ago, she duly went on Amazon and bought it, along with another classic, Spring and Port Wine. They were brill and we laughed so much when we saw the curtains tablecloths pottery etc. that our mothers and grandmothers used to have. I totally recommend them both. On the movie channel I noticed that TCM had THIS FILM The Girl With Green Eyes starring the adorable Rita Tushingham, my lovely mother had a huge book with Ednas novels poetry and plays, which I devoured as a young girl so this too was a blast from my past. I have recorded the epic Australia with Ms Kidman in the starring role and as i do have 3hours to spare that will be my next one.

I have also been emailing, speaking, facebooking and catching up with so many wonderful people that I have been so privileged to have known in my life, that has been one huge bonus of this whole new hip thing.

We all should have a few Lazy Days !

Friday, 20 August 2010

Body in Shock

Due to the effects of all the drama my body has gone through this past few days, my usually high blood pressure has swooped to an all time low. They say, that surgery can have this effect on you BP. They also say that, due to lying around in your great big comfy bed for the most part can have something to do with it. They also say that, even when you do get out of great big comfy bed, you are not as active as usual (no!)

Do you know what I say ? I say my body is in shock ! I say my body is used to 10 fags, 2 or 3 cups of coffee every day and 10 fags and a glass or 3 of wine every evening that's what i say !

Sunday, 15 August 2010

A New Hip

I have a new part in my body! A New Hip! A Brand New Porcelain Hip!

The whole experience started last Tuesday evening: A visit to the hospital to have a blood thinning injection, I attended the ward that I would be admitted to after my op and had the jab. The following morning at 7:30 a.m. I was admitted into the orthopedic clinic, nervously, I kissed my darling hubby goodbye. I was seen by a nurse - admitting who I was, how old I was ,and that it would be the left hip that I wanted mending. I met with the anaesthetist, when I said I was freaking out over the general anaesthetic he said he would be more than happy to give me a spinal block and sedation so although I would not be completely out of it, I would be completely numb from the waist down and very very woozy above

I undressed, popped the i pod on and whilst Mr Buble played through the ear phones I was drugged, sedated, sliced, cut ,drilled ,twisted, pumped hammered - new bits put in, and stitched up.

I was shown my old hip on the way to the recovery room it was indeed ready for the knackers yard. I am now the proud owner of a porcelain hip, a first for my surgeon, and for the hospital therefore my new hip is going to feature in a medimag !!!

I am now home. I came home 5 days after surgery, I feel very weak and very sore, very stiff and very fragile, but, I know that in the long term this operation should make my life pain free. I should be able to run around after my beautiful grandaughter Isabelle Rose. To walk my little dirty dog around the block and to High kick and dance the night away with my wonderful friends and family.

Thank you to all the team at the Chesterfield Royal and especially to all my team at home - you are very much loved and appreciated especially my new physio Miss Ellie xx

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hip Hop ....Getting Closer Now !!

The new hip should be replaced in 2 sleeps ... I'm getting a little anxious and slightly nervous now - but, I am looking forward to skipping about again in the not too distant future. I am going to have my operation in this hospital .

I will of course be very grateful for grapes (bottled - preferably in the champagne region of france to toast the said new part of my body!!)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Wonderful Evening

My wonderful friend and I went HERE on Saturday night to see a big band concert. We took our picnic and a bottle ( or 3 ) of wine and had a very civilised evening. Fab food fab music, fab wine and Fabulous company you Liz xx

Monday, 2 August 2010

My Beautiful Big Sister

I am one of four children I have 2 sisters one older and one younger and an older brother. I am very lucky because i really love them all , if they were not my family i would still choose them as my friends.

Whilst growing up i was probably closer to my brother A, who is kind and patient, generous and very loving - I would tag along with him and his friends and thoroughly annoy them all! My elder sister is nearly 10 years older than my younger sister and little sister really adored her big Big sister. A used to take S into town on a Saturday and spoil her with her time ( a very precious commodity )and generally love and help nurture her. I often got jealous of their relationship and used to look on with awe at my two beautiful sisters and wish that i could be more like them and with them.

A used to have THE COOLEST BEDROOM she decorated one wall with a collage of cut out pictures from Jackie magazine and style books, photographs of friends and family, Mary Quant and Twiggy etc. I used to love it when she would let me into this wonderland where i would dream that i could be her. She sometimes let me play with her make up and her bottles and pots of creams and lotions i would leave her room wafting her smells in my wake.

A always had really dishy boyfriends who would drive fast cars and be a little bit naughty - i always fantasised that one day A would be out and they would take me out in their shiny cars and treat me to whatever they were treating her to. One boy i remember used to beep his horn every time he passed our house whatever time of day or night - how i wished those beebs were for me !

A left home at a very young age and went to live with 3 other girls in a fabulous house on the edge of town. Again this was the house i too wanted to live in - to relish in the freedom of coming and going whenever i wanted to have crazy parties and one night stands to drink and dance the night away. All the girls in the house were to me very glamorous but none more so than my sister ! When A left home the only good bit for me was that at last i could have the coveted bedroom... but somehow it had lost its sparkle.

When A got married it was a fairy tale wedding with a beautiful dress (made by our very clever mother) and bridesmaids (little sis being one of them) a handsome groom with ushers in a pretty little village church - everything i had dreamt of ! Unfortunately for the groom the wedding didn't last, he really wasn't right for my beautiful sister.

A little while after the breakdown of her marriage she met W who, luckily for him, became her second husband. W is a lovely guy who works really hard and gives A all she could ever wish for: a wonderful son, a beautiful home, marvelous holidays, holiday homes,a silver sports car, beautiful shiny diamonds and a lifestyle we all dream of having.... well i do .......

BUT last year my Beautiful sister got something I really wish she never got and since last year each and every day I pray to him upstairs to take away the nasty, disgusting,filthy thing that has been bestowed upon her and if he doesn't do it really quickly I'm going to be very angry.This is the one thing I really DON'T want that she has, and I REALLY REALLY DON'T want her to have it either !

SO if anyone does read this please please please pray to God, Buddah , Alla, or whatever/whoever floats your boat, for my Beautiful Sister to get healthy again because ... well just because I LOVE HER .

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Toy Story

A few years ago (1995 )i took my beautiful boy to see the first Toy Story film, we watched in awe at the adventures of Woody, Buzz, Mr Potatoe Head,Slinky and friends.
We learnt that toys must always be looked after because when we sleep at night the toys come to life and get into all sorts of scrapes - the film also touched on issues like jealousy ( Woody became jealous of his owner Andys new toy Buzz Lightyear ) and the importance of family, friendship and loyalty. I had a new baby in this year and was worried -needlessly-that my boy would feel left out and undervalued - NEVER ! He loved this film and loved his Buzz Lightyear model toy very very much.
Today I took my delightful God Daughter Caydince, who is 5years old, to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. I had been sooo looking forward to seeing the film and it didnt fail there were a few new toys for me to meet ( and a few missing ?)but Pixcel did not disappoint - the end of the film made me cry the scene when Andy went off to college and took his precious toys to a lovely little girl to play with and treasure. but it was his mothers sadness at looking at his empty bedroom and knowing that her boy was on a new journey and chapter in his life, the look on her face told a completely new story - that will be me in September when I say goodbye to my boy as he embarks on his new life ............get the tissues ready !

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Ive been having problems with my hip !!! Not many people know that but those that do have been so kind and thoughtful when i have needed to catch my breath and pull myself together.

A year last April i took myself off to my GP complaining of a nasty little niggle in my groin, i thought maybe i had pulled a muscle or suchlike. This little niggle was annoying and every so often became a big niggle so i went and complained thinking i would get some excersise for it and be told to buy some anti inflammatory tabs. I was surprised when my Doc said she thought i ought to have an xray on my hip - my hip didnt hurt or did it ? The niggle was in my groin and i thought my hip was way higher up. I went for the xray a couple of weeks later and was told when i went to get the results that i did indeed have a degenorate left hip ! I was told that in time i would have to have a replacement hip. I was rather upset by this news thinking (wrongly as is happens) only old people needed this kind of operation - Doc said that actually no a lot of women between the age of 45 and 55 had the op.

So fast forward 14 months and the little niggle had well and truly passed the big niggle had well and truly passed and a coursing pain had well and truly taken over. I now find it extremely painful to walk a small distance - my younger daughter had a paper round and i kindly offered to do it for her whilst she went socialising i was only halfway round the round (?) when the pain took over and i wanted to crawl home on my hands and knees. My beautiful grandaughter is not getting the best of me as the best of me has left along with the cartilage around my hip joint. So another trip to the surgery was called for I said not only am i ready but that i felt desperate now for the op. So on August 11th i will be having surgery - as i said to my consultant.. above i feel 25yrs below 95yrs so please put the hop back into my hip so i can just get on with a pain free life.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The 3 blondes and Brunette Tour - update

We had fun !
The trip was a success and we would deffo do it again.
It took a little longer to get there due to air traffic control in France showing off and then my father had a problem with the exhaust on his car so he brought the little spare car which doesn't have the best suspension in the world - after taking the 1st corner the back end of the car was scraping the floor ! So one of the blonde's and myself took a bus and 2 trains to get to our destination arriving 4 hours after the other 2 but it was worth it, my mother had prepared a beautiful lunch and served some very chilled Rose wine which went down very well !

The weather could have been kinder, although the sun did shine for us everyday it also went behind a few clouds quite a lot. One evening we had a lovely meal on the terrace and consumed quite a lot of the local wine and stayed up chatting until very late 2 of the blonde's went off to bed but my travelling companion and i stayed up to watch a most spectacular storm with full thunder and everything - at one point i thought the other 2 would appear with their teddy bears and that i would have to sing "raindrops on roses" just like Maria in The Sound of Music but no they slept right through it ( i blame the wine )

The area we travelled to is sooo beautiful and is such a relaxing place to stay .... i recommend it to everyone.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Well the day has arrived at last!!! Yes today Mr Rooney, with his metertarsil intact (we pray) and the rest of the England squad will play their first game of football against the USA in the World Cup. The game will be screened to most pubs clubs and homes throughout England and possibly the World (?) Whenever i have travelled abroad, Bobby Charlton and Man Utd are often referred to, even in small towns in China. I know tonight in Pingdou the locals will be stood outside on the streets watching the game tonight .
Well i too have been swept away with it all, you really cannot forget its the World Cup season every shop has the St Georges flag emblazoned on just about everything from t shirts and mugs to loo rolls and potatoes. As Mr Smiths game of cricket has been brought forward to enable cricketers to watch footballers, we have decided to have a get together with a few friends so:
Bunting - bought, flags to wave - bought, serviettes to eat patriotic food - bought, patriotic food ( well nearly patriotic... actually the starters are Italian in origin - i think )any way - bought, beers to drink (foreign) - bought, wine to drink (definately not English) bought.
Mr Smith thought a bar-b-que would be a fine idea, he thought an American theme was in order, you know, burgers and ribs, steaks and shrimp, but i decided on mozzerella and juicy tomatoes covered in basil, arranged on a plate in the St Georges flag (patriotic enough for you) followed by roast beef with mini yorkshire puds and roast potatoes, very English.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Lets live and let Live

On Monday evening the 3 blondes and a brunette will be staying in a hotel/pub near to Luton Airport - I ( the only brunette on the tour ) was responsible for finding somewhere cheap and cheerful somewhere where we could leave the tour bus (safely) relax, have a meal, a natter, a little drink..... or three (!) somewhere to lay our weary heads at the end of the day so i picked this place I only hope we will be ok !

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

3 Blondes and a Brunette Tour

In a weeks time I'm going away for 5 days and i am sooo excited. I'm going to the Gard region of France (its next to Provence on the map) and it is absolutely beautiful. My lovely parents live there so it will be great to catch up with them over a few Pastis with my Dad ( an absolutely must have aperitif, which is kind of liquorice flavoured - best served over ice with a dash of water) and a glass or two of very chilled Rose/Chardonnay with my Mum. I will be travelling with three of my dearest blonde friends and they too are really looking forward to a few days away, they will enjoy sampling the local champagneoise (sparkling white wine made in the champagne method ) so i think we will be fairly sober !!
My friends and I feel we really deserve this time away without our menfolk/children/dogs/cats/rabbits etc. and we all have our own reasons : Blonde one and I work together (and work hard we do too) she also has other issues - but its not for me to tell in these ramblings! Blonde two has just been given the all clear from the "BIG C" and has had us all very concerned for months so for her this time out will be brill. Blonde three - just likes holidays ! As for me the only brunette Im tired,frustrated,stressed out and my hip hurts !
On departure we are planning to sleep overnight near the airport as our plane leaves at silly o clock in the morning BUT that means we arrive nice and early in time to visit Local Shops for bread and cheese, Markets for fresh fruit and veg, Vineyards for above list of wines and Sleepy Village Bar - thirsty work that shopping !
We will then no doubt all fall asleep in parents garden! Marvelous !

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Isabelle Rose

Last year i had quite a big birthday ! I was not at all worried about it - infact i said "BRING IT ON" ! I planned a few surprises for myself (?!) ...I really wanted a HUGE SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY ... you know - marqis in the garden, candle lit entrance with fire fighters and human statues looking fake in attendance, all my guests dressed in white with tiaras and diamonds ( the bigger the better)my family and i walking through the assembled crown (cue swirly smoky stuff) looking like movie stars (family still dressed in white) and me in the deepest sexiest flatteringly devine RED dress(of course i have lost a stone or two to fit in said dress ) fab live music blaring until dawn a champagne and smoked salmon breakfast served up with the sun and my guests leaving for home but still wanting more. They would be talking and going on for months - no years about this party ....But things didnt Go According To Plan - hubby and i needed our money for MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS (i will fill you in about what at a later date ). I did however have a really lovely day on the day and the following weekend was great too - small house party - lovely friends - food and wine consumed and a lovely cake !

Earlier in the year my delicious daughter became pregnant with her 1st child she told me(sheepishly) the baby would arrive around the same time as my BIG BIRTHDAY i did say(admitedly rather stuffily) thank you very much but champagne and flowers would have been nice and a baby was a tad over doing it ! Isabelle Rose did make her entrance into the world just a little under a week after my BIG BIRTHDAY and what a delight she is ! Positively Perfect In Everyway -Mary Poppins would have been very proud - i know I AM ! THANK YOU GORGEOUS DAUGHTER for the best present any granny could wish for !!xx

My man of the match ....

I will never profess to be a sports pundit - in fact i often pour scorn on my current husband and beautiful son for their need to play, watch, listen to all sports ( as i write this hubby is chillaxing on the superkingsize watching England v Bangladesh instead of getting on with his sunday list of things i want him to do !) so anyway please indulge me :
Yesterday i was roped into "doing the teas" at Bradfield CC a charming little cricket club in a beautiful village on the outskirts of Sheffield. My beautiful friend Elizabeth was enlisted to give me hand in the kitchen.
The lovely Debbie (with a hangover from hell) worked the bar like an old pro - Annie Walker /Bet Lynch eat your heart out! The cooler ( some kind of machine that keeps the beer cold and froth free ) had broken and it took Debs 5 mins to pull each pint, as the weather was glorious and lots of thirsty locals and visitors alike decided to come out and support the cricket club Debs didnt get any time to indulge her hangover .... well done mrs Lamkin !

Back to the cricket - our team was slighlty depleted of its usual players due to the younger lads choosing to go to skeggy for the day as the weather had promised to be kind a few of the family men were away for half term with their lucky wives (not jealous)and children and a couple of the guys were left holding the babies (literally) whilst their girlfriends went on a "hen" weekend to York. I have to say i was much impressed with these guys, the kids were filthy,snotty,happy the happiest i have ever seen them actually and very tired ! They left the club (after missing the 1st bus cos the daddies had bought another of Debbies beers) a little after 10pm- i bet little Ellie is still asleep now!
During the 1st half Lizzie and i were busy busy buttering and spreading cutting and slicing to see much of the game - our team were fielding and did ok. Little Lamkin (12yrs) stopped a 4 and got some very mucky trousers in so doing but his mum wont mind. The newly married and just-come-back-from honeymoon Mr Clarke did really well 9 overs 4 mdns (that means no runs were made against his bowling) and he got 2 out . The lovely Palazon did his best- he always tries hard (i imagine his school report was full of comments like this). Dim Tim (hes not really he is rather clever )did ok and the stand in captain Andy "the entertainer" Storrs entertained the thristy crowd! The visiting team notched up a very healthy 169.
After tea, which i know they all enjoyed - well we did do freezing cold melons and scones and fresh cream with a strawberry on top loads of sarnies, pizza,sausage rolls ,pasta salad,garlic bread,chips you name it they got it ! It was our turn to bat.
Robert (slow Bob)Welton(62yrs!!) i told you the team was depleted- went for a duck! As he has been having antibiotics for an infection in his leg he was forgiven. Young Mat Hurt (17yrs) played a blinder and put on 23 runs, which is amazing as i remember him doing airoplane impressions whilst fielding not that long ago and never thought he would be able to concentrate long enough to play a full game!" Not so Dim" Tim played a great game and managed an extremely brilliant 27 runs which included 4x 4s we whooped and cheered him on. Andy Plant who has been ill of late and Not At His Best kept the team spirits up by batting well, again a few 4s went on his score sheet. Little Lamkin took the crease with only a few overs left and did not show himself up indeed he did extremely well for a young boy he didnt show any nerves and i think that was helped by having a truly unselfish partner at the crease with him.

For me the M O M goes to a true gent a guy who has overcome personal problems with dignity and grace who always gives the best to his team , i have never seen him angry or mardy he is always kind and thoughtful he gives help and support to the younger members and older members of this little club so Mr Simon Gosney - take a bow xxx