Monday, 30 May 2011

Wonderful Tonight

Thats what he said .... I looked wonderful tonight !
I love that song ! Mr Clapton has probably been responsible for lots of couples coupling - but tonight I did feel wonderful, and to be told, by my man (with that little look in his eyes)that I looked wonderful makes an old (and very uncertain) lady feel v v v happy :))))))))) ..........Wonderful !

Friday, 27 May 2011

Still Fighting

3 months ago I started "The Battle" and I am so happy to report I AM WINNING !! It has been fairly easy - I still enjoy my little ( !! ) glass or two of Champagne ; ) Wine/Vodka/Bacardi at the weekend (but do try to contain myself during the week) and eat plenty, probably more food than any conventional "diet" and have managed to lose 22 Lbs !!! The secret is ........Slimming World the Fat Girls Diet !! It is a marvelous eating plan, and has definitely worked for me ! The only problem is ....I need to go shopping for some new clothes - to some women that would be a joy - to me it spells n.i.g.h.t.m.a.r.e. I HATE SHOPPING !!!
I have already been out to buy new underwear ( inches off the bust line ) that was OK because now my babies are looking HOT under my baggy clothes ! Photos later....when I`m ready *_*

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Let the Battle Comence

I have started my New Year as I had hoped I would. Tracy and I have visited the Chesterfield cinema complex on the odd 2-4-1 Orange Wednesday and seen a few very good films. We started the ball rolling with 127 Hours .... the film was brilliantly cinema graphed (i think that's a word ) the music was amazing and the lead role was brilliant - it was a little gory in parts but as we knew this was a true story we knew he would have to cut off his arm with a blunt knife therefore it was no shock! Next on the list was the soon to be Oscar winner The Kings Speech and a deserved winner if ever there was one absolutely fantastic. The Black Swan was rather dark and although I got it not everyone in the auditorium was overwhelmed with it, again, the music was amazing and the costumes were lovely !

After we watch the films (whilst sharing a bag of popcorn - well one must have popcorn whilst at the flicks) we have been going out for a light supper we favour a restaurant in Dronfield called "Little Italy" they do an amazingly light pizza and their pasta dishes are delish !

I have also been taking my very dirty little white dog Poppy for lovely walks in the woods behind my house. During the week Tracy brings her adorable little white dog Milly with her and we chew the fat as we trek around. When we first started we would get quite out of breath ( 20 fags each per day ?) but now we manage much longer and hillier walks and feeling the benefits. At the weekends my hubby comes with Poppy and me and he takes our VERY NAUGHTY BIG DOG, Alfie. I really enjoy it.
So that's going out and doing things for myself AND getting some healthy exercise which is all good. The next thing for me was to lose some weight. Due to the lack of exercise before the new hip and the healing process welcoming the new piece of porcelain, I had managed to acquire a more portly shape !!! I joined a group of other rounded women three weeks ago and have managed to lose a few of the extra pounds - I was even given an award for "Slimmer of the Week" last week ! I attend class on a Thursday so keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow. Although I have somewhat more to lose I feel ready and... well .... Let the Battle Commence!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

2011 - Im going to love it !

Well here we are a whole new year ahead of us !

I had a lot of great times last year........ and a lot of rubbish !

My beautiful sister has been soooo ill - as a sister, living in a different country, and being unable to do anything about her predicament, has been (for a control freakish kinda person)v v difficult - all I can do is pray, think and send lots of love through the airways and hope with all my heart she gets my wishes.

A very dear friend, thankfully, was given the "All Clear" from the dreaded "C" but what a time we all had before ...!

Two of my dearest friends have been extremely unhappy - I hope I have given them both all the love and support a friend can give - to one, I know, will be fine once her new house is made into a home which she will fill with love,warmth and gorgeousness! My other friend is getting stronger by the day, she has been soooo hurt by a "complete weasel of an excuse of a man "(who never ever deserved to breathe the same air as her ) with time this little bombshell will be absolutely fine.

I got my very own new hip ! For which i am so very grateful for, it hurt before and it has not been plain sailing since - I think with hindsight i might have gone back "doing" before I should have done, but, I know with extra exercise I will be OK. Come this years cricket season I will be back on extra tea duties. My real push though is my delightful granddaughter - i want to take her to tumble tots and toddler group, to the park and to run and jump with her she is my main aim !

I had a wonderful time in the early summer months, with my wonderful blonde friends, on our "little jaunt away to the hidden France that I love so very much" - we hope to get away again this year.

This year the plan is to "Row My Own Boat"!! Thanks to my dear friend, she informs me that a lot of women tend to plan their lives around husbands,boyfs,partners etc. instead of thinking and doing for themselves, she is totally right, for years I've tended to the needs and wants of my family before thinking of myself, which, to me is as it should be.......BUT ...GET READY ... I AM GOING TO : the cinema, theatre, comedy club, concerts, music festivals, foreign trips abroad etc. etc. without their permission this year - and I'm going to love it !!!!!!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

This Month ....20/21 years ago

20 years ago this week I gave birth to my Beautiful Son ! He was the most wanted child on this earth - 14 months earlier his baby sister died :(

Rosie Gray was born on the 10th of July 1989 - she died on the 4th October just 12 weeks later.
Rosie was a delicious,divine, delectable baby, she was a little sister to my first born and sooo wanted.

During my pregnancy I felt well and very healthy - I had given up the ciggies ( I prayed to the "BIG FELLA" upstairs to help me with that task - AND IT WORKED - I DID NOT TOUCH ONE !! ) I gave up the DRINK and i eat vvvv healthily - looking back now I realise the medics must have known that problems were a foot. I was scanned 5 times in less than 3 months and at each scan my personal dates ( last lady time etc .!) were questioned. Suffice to say I knew my Baby was due on the day she was born - the medics didn't expect her until 6 weeks later !!! I gave birth to Rosie Gray by emergency Cesarean on the exact due date ........

The following morning i was told that my baby was v v v ill ... she may live for hours - days - years(they didn't know) .... she had been born with a genetic condition "microcephallic" her brain had not developed in my womb. I was told to love and cherish every moment that I would have with her... and so I did - I kissed her every other second - I held her all the time - I only put her down when I needed the bathroom or to close my eyes for a moment ! We all did everything. My beautiful first born was only 4 and half years old when baby Rosie was born she was so looking forward to a baby sister. We had 12 weeks with her = 6 weeks in hospital and 6 weeks at home, she was loved and cherished by all.

After the emptiness, I was desperate to fill the void.

My delicious boy was delivered healthily just over a year later. His birth was not without problems (antoher blog) but we fought the odds together

With all my heart I wish my Beautiful Boy a Wonderful Birthday and a Wonderful Life.

To my little Angel in Heaven my kisses and love are always with her ...

Monday, 8 November 2010

On the mend . . and back Doing

It's been almost three months since I had my new hip and thanks to my lovely family and friends I am on the mend and I have started back to work ! The scar is healing nicely and although I still have stiffness ( which, I'm assured will lessen with time ) I am pleased with the result. I'm not going to lie to you it was a particularly horrid op and I won't forget the first 3 nights when I was in hospital and the tears of pain I shed - bucketloads !
And so to work, my beautiful friend Melanie (one of my blond friends from the tour back in the summer) and I set up a little "Doing" business last year we "do" for people! We started out working with the elderly, doing their washing, cleaning, shopping,taking them to
Their appointments at the doctors/hospital/hairdressers etc. But word got around to their families and friends and now we "do" for all sorts of folks - young professionals too busy to do for themselves, young families with very untidy children who really appreciate a bit of fairy dust sprinkled around their homes, retired couples who prefer to be on the golf course than to be stuck indoors doing for themselves. It can be (on our busy days) rather tiring on the old bones, but a hot bath at the end of the day sorts that out ! We both enjoy our "doing" we Can have a natter whilst driving to and fro, we get an immense amount of satisfaction knowing all our " Do Fors "are coming home to lovely clean sweet smelling homes - for the ladies and gentlemen who are in their cosy homes whilst we are there we are safe in the knowledge that for a short time they have had company and a chat which makes the job even more pleasant.
So hopefully the new hip will continue to repair so all our lovely families,singles, marrieds and others can benefit from our "Doing" ! ;)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Old friends

Today I was playing with my new phone, I seem to spend a lot of time playing with it at the moment! Whilst going through my hotmail account and deleting all the messages to clear up my inbox, I came across mail from one of my oldest and dearest friends Alison. I immediately emailed her and within a couple of hours she responded! It was wonderful !
I met this wonderful lady when I went to secondary school. Hearing from her again it is as if time had stood still - I think that with old friends that happens you don't have to be in each others pockets you don't have to speak to them everyday or see them, but,its like putting on a pair of really comfy slippers, and relaxing in the knowledge that she knows me so well and I her - I am looking forward to maintaining our friendship through e mail and phone, but, will arrange a meeting in the not too distant future. I really want to give her a hug!