Friday, 27 May 2011

Still Fighting

3 months ago I started "The Battle" and I am so happy to report I AM WINNING !! It has been fairly easy - I still enjoy my little ( !! ) glass or two of Champagne ; ) Wine/Vodka/Bacardi at the weekend (but do try to contain myself during the week) and eat plenty, probably more food than any conventional "diet" and have managed to lose 22 Lbs !!! The secret is ........Slimming World the Fat Girls Diet !! It is a marvelous eating plan, and has definitely worked for me ! The only problem is ....I need to go shopping for some new clothes - to some women that would be a joy - to me it spells n.i.g.h.t.m.a.r.e. I HATE SHOPPING !!!
I have already been out to buy new underwear ( inches off the bust line ) that was OK because now my babies are looking HOT under my baggy clothes ! Photos later....when I`m ready *_*

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